The ALLN Networking Token issued by Huafu Enterprise Holdings Limited, began their collaboration with Far Eastern Air Transport in August 2018, announcing the world’s first aviation tourism blockchain asset. It is also Taiwan’s first blockchain asset applied to the real economy, making it an unprecedented case in Taiwan’s aviation, tourism, and economic industry.

Huafu Enterprise Holdings Limited ALLN Networking Token is propelling Taiwan’s economy to escalate once again in Asia by delivering four “firsts”:

  • The first aviation company in Taiwan to use blockchain in the real economy.
  • The first aviation company and token to be in alliance with the biggest blockchain incubator, M.O.B.C.
  • The first aviation tourism digital asset (ALLN)  to partner with Southeast Asia’s biggest digital asset exchange MBAex.
  • The first token to collaborate with MAXONROW, the world’s first blockchain with an instant Know Your Customer process, optimizing the quality of blockchain assets by using a state of the art identity management framework that can provide instant verification of a customer’s background.

Far Eastern Air Transport: The First Aviation Company in Taiwan to Use Blockchain in the Real Economy


Huafu Enterprise Holdings Limited Chief Operating Officer, Tseng Chin-chih said: “61 years ago, Far Eastern Air Transport became Taiwan’s first aviation company. At the same time, it was also the first company with flights to Mainland China. Now that we have Huafu’s ALLN Networking Token set into action, we are once again pioneers in the world of aviation tourism by applying blockchain technology to the real economy. By setting this example, we look forward to more corporations to join and lead Taiwan’s economy into the next era.”

ALLN is in Alliance with the Largest Blockchain Incubator – M.O.B.C. and Southeast Asia’s Biggest Digital Asset Exchange-MBAex


ALLN Networking Token is actively forming alliances with leading brands in the blockchain industry. ALL is building seamless partnerships with Southeast Asia’s biggest digital asset exchange MBAex, the world’s biggest blockchain incubator M.O.B.C., and Maxonrow, the world’s first blockchain with Know Your Customer instant verification to be fully compliant with strict policy guidelines and international regulations while allowing users to have full control over their data, making security a top priority.

ALLN is collaborating with Maxonrow, the World’s First Blockchain with KYC/AML


Maxonrow’s CEO for the Asia region, Jin Tai, said: “ALLN is the world’s first aviation tourism blockchain asset, a new milestone for Far Eastern Air Transport and a turning point for Taiwan’s economy. Maxonrow is the world’s first blockchain that can assist the government in legal taxation, legal supervision, verification, and audits. Our Know Your Customer mechanism can be applied to the development of the real economy in any industry and with our alliance with ALLN, we are going to help Taiwan’s economy soar into great heights.”