Doesn’t it feel like you hear about blockchain technology everywhere you go? Blockchain technology has become a buzzword, and everyone wants to take part in what shapes up to be the new technology of the decade.

But do you actually know what is blockchain and how it works?

Maxonrow is looking to put blockchain at the center of people’s everyday lives. We intend to do this not only through our products and features but also through educating our current and future users about the importance and possible uses of blockchain technology.

So, get ready for our first video series, Blockchain 101.

In this series, our team members will walk you through blockchain technology – from what it’s really about to how it can transform the way we live our lives.

On the first episode of Blockchain 101, you will learn the basics of blockchain technology and how it works.

We will begin exploring questions like: “Is ‘Blockchain the same as bitcoin?” through easy to follow examples.

Check out the video below to learn more:

See? Blockchain can be used for all kinds of things.

In fact, some of the transactions or activities you do today could already be using blockchain.

Anything you want to keep track of or share can be done transparently and securely on a blockchain, and we hope that after watching this video, you become more aware of how to apply the technology.

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