You now know what blockchain technology is, and how you can use it.

In our last post, we tried to give you a comprehensive understanding of the way blockchain technology works.

Now, we will discuss the common issues blockchain technology solves, and how it can lead to a more transparent world where everyone is held accountable.

On episode three we go over how we currently depend on a middleman for a lot of traditionally complex tasks.

For instance, you need a realtor and a bank and the government to buy a house or register a property. You need a bank or a money transfer service to send money abroad.

And the list goes on.

In the following video, the Maxonrow team will explain how blockchain technology is the future of the global economy by allowing a trust system where anyone with access to the internet can get involved in blockchain based transactions while third-party trust organizations may no longer be necessary.

See? By applying blockchain technology, burdensome bureaucracies will be diminished, and financial fraud will be significantly reduced.

Maxonrow is offering you a blockchain network with a braided state of the art identity management framework, this means everyone on our blockchain will be identified, and therefore no suspicious behavior or transactions can be tolerated. You are in control.

Thank you for watching the Blockchain 101 series.

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