All our solutions are INTEGRATED with our unique instant verification AML/KYC tool

Maxonrow offers the widest ecosystem that combines technology, security, privacy and absolute efficiency at every stage of our user’s journey.

The Maxonrow


P2P Transfers, Point-of-Sale, Landmark Registration, AI, IPFS, STO, TES, Exchange, Web Browser and DAPPS will be available within our ecosystem. 
All our solutions are integrated with our unique instant verification AML/KYC tool.


Maxonrow’s wallet is unique for its design and rewarding user experience

Point of Sale

Maxonrow’s integrated POS will enable digital currencies holders

Interplanetary File System (IPFS)

Maxonrow’s IPFS will allow you to store large amounts of unalterable data

Land Registration

Maxonrow’s blockchain will serve as a solution for red tape

Technology Enabled Services

Maxonrow will provide the possibility for any business


Maxonrow’s is braided with a state of the art identity management framework


Maxonrow’s global exchange provides reliability,

Decentralized Applications

DAPPS is a new breed of applications that are not owned by anyone