Maxonrow’s team has professionals from around the world passionate about blockchain and its applications for current and future users.

Rodrigo Crespo - Chief Executive Officer

Rodrigo Crespo

Chief Executive Officer

Rodrigo has a strong expertise in the blockchain industry as an advisor and as a key figure on management teams.
He comes from an entrepreneurial background executing projects in the renewable energy sector, mining, telecommunications, digitalization, real estate and fund management.
Leading new financial models, marketing, public relations strategies and execution of various global projects, he is currently the President and CEO of JRC Capital.
Mayur Moudhgalya - Chief Technology Officer

Mayur Moudhgalya

Chief Technology Officer

Mayur is a blockchain an expert in the payment and retail industry. The focus of his experience lies in compliance, regulations and PCI assessments and audits.

He has an in-depth knowledge of systems design for blockchain, a fundamental understanding of cryptography and achieving EAL assessments.

His strong business analytics skills have helped him deliver complex projects, establish a winning team culture and therefore always exceed client expectations.

Jin Tai - CEO / Asia Region

Jin Tai

CEO / Asia Region

Jin has over twelve years of experience in Marketing and the Asian show business. Over the years she has worked on the development of numerous marketing strategies and promotional plans for top 20 companies around the world.

Well-experienced with both the traditional and digital media, Jin thinks blockchain is the next big thing. She believes in the power blockchain technology for all kinds of industries such as retail, publishing or even the music business. But more importantly, she believes Maxonrow will be the answer to our needs in today's world.

Rémy Couédic - Senior Product Manager

Rémy Couédic

Senior Product Manager

Rémy is a firm believer in blockchain technology as a mean to evolve the financial industry. He leads the strategy, design and execution of all Maxonrow’s products. He plays a critical role in continuing the company’s path of innovation.

Since 2007, he has been part of the early digital currencies adopters; he believes startups and individuals need to understand the importance of decentralized systems to build a better society.

Carla Castañeda - PR Director

Carla Castañeda

PR Director

Carla has always been passionate about business and bringing people together.

Highly skilled in interpersonal communication in multicultural environments, her career is marked with dedicated roles leading finance, sales, international negotiations and brand management.

Focusing primarily on International Business Development, she acquired wide international experience by implementing business strategies and coordinating global teams.

Carla is a Cryptocurrency and Blockchain adopter, investing since 2012. She has always been tech-savvy and sees blockchain technology as a means to enhance communication in a more secure way.

Eliza Munteanu - Project Director

Eliza Munteanu

Project Director

Eliza has over a decade of corporate experience in project management.
She has extensive knowledge of digital media and strategic marketing with a proven ability to combine brand vision, campaign optimization models and multi-channel promotion.
Eliza has led multiple projects and believes that cultivating the use of blockchain will enable to contribute not only to the future of technology but also to the development of the world-at-large.
Leona Chang - PR Director Asia

Leona Chang

PR Director Asia

With over ten years in entertainment industry experience and more than three years of marketing experience, Leona has learned that blockchain technology has rapidly emerged in the past year, becoming one of the most popular vocabulary for now. She believes that the use of blockchain is not only a technology, but if we could focus our vision precisely into the opportunity, it will be able to flip the existing rules of the game in the near future.
Specializing in top market customers in different fields of gaming, fashion, marketing, etc. She firmly believes that understanding what customer really needs and fostering irreplaceable trust is the only strategy in this competitive era.
Ximena Cordón - Marketing Director

Ximena Cordon

Marketing Director

Ximena is an online marketing and communications specialist with over five years of experience in building and executing communication and content strategies for a variety of clients around the globe.
She has a people first approach, coaching and empowering teams to step up, have and own their ideas to lead the success of businesses.
Luis Benji - Global Digital Director

Luis Benji

Global Digital Director

Luis has over five years of experience in launching, managing and optimizing digital marketing campaigns.
An economist and social entrepreneur by trade, he has worked on projects where innovation and social profit interconnect with private institutions, startups and tourism.
Now, through blockchain, he is fostering, educating and engaging with digital communities to unite them under MAXONROW’s mission.

This isn’t just a job, it’s a revolution.