Maxonrow’s team has professionals from around the world passionate about blockchain and its applications for current and future users.

Mark Homeier

Chief Executive Officer

Mark is a 16 year retail industry veteran with experience leading teams to expand across Asia Pacific and China. Under his leadership, Maxonrow has expanded its focus to provide blockchain solutions that are decentralized, safe, secure and regulatory compliant for everyone, everywhere.

His proven ability in profit and loss focused strategic planning and execution has helped companies like MEDIATEK, Acer, L’OREAL, among others to further their penetration and improve profitability.

Leveraging his native fluency in Mandarin and extensive understanding of Asian legal and regulatory environment for retail expansion, Mark has developed and led regional teams in product management, product development, strategic development, marketing and sales, and launched numerous consumer and B2B products. Mr. Homeier holds a master’s degree in Organizational Management from University of Phoenix and bachelor’s degree of Psychology from Northern Michigan University.

Jin Tai

Chief Executive Officer of Asia

Jin has over twelve years of experience in Marketing and the Asian show business. Over the years she has worked on the development of numerous marketing strategies and promotional plans for top 20 companies around the world.

Well-experienced with both the traditional and digital media, Jin thinks blockchain is the next big thing. She believes in the power blockchain technology for all kinds of industries such as retail, publishing or even the music business. But more importantly, she believes Maxonrow will be the answer to our needs in today's world.

Carla Castañeda

PR Director

Carla has always been passionate about business and bringing people together.

Highly skilled in interpersonal communication in multicultural environments, her career is marked with dedicated roles leading finance, sales, international negotiations and brand management.

Focusing primarily on International Business Development, she acquired wide international experience by implementing business strategies and coordinating global teams in America, Europe and now Asia.

Carla is a Cryptocurrency and Blockchain adopter, investing since 2012. She has always been tech-savvy and sees blockchain technology as a means to enhance communication in a more secure way.

Ximena Cordon

Marketing Director

Ximena is an online marketing and communications specialist with over five years of experience in building and executing communication and content strategies for a variety of clients around the globe.
She has a people first approach, coaching and empowering teams to step up, have and own their ideas to lead the success of businesses.

Luis Benji

Digital Director

Luis has over five years of experience in launching, managing and optimizing digital marketing campaigns.
An economist and social entrepreneur by trade, he has worked on projects where innovation and social profit interconnect with private institutions, startups and tourism.
Now, through blockchain, he is fostering, educating and engaging with digital communities to unite them under MAXONROW’s mission.

Rafael Schultz


CEO of Blockchain Punk

For the last decade, Rafael has advanced business development in the fintech sector, building teams in Europe and Asia. Since 2017 he founded the accelerator blockchainpunk labs and acted as investor and advisor for various blockchain projects in Berlin.

Schultz’s Blockchainpunk, is an accelerator that levels up blockchain startups into mass adoption. One of the most significant projects in 2018 was the Dash Embassy in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. A project supported by the Dash DAO to educate the corporate and fintech industry in Europe about blockchain payments of the future. Blockchainpunk works very closely with investors, entrepreneurs, and advisors from valuable technology partners.

Riccardo Lamanna


Riccardo entered the Blockchain field in 2012. To deepen the technology, he founded the comparison portal Cryptowalletcheck and is now a consultant for several Security Token Offering (STO) projects and other blockchain companies. With great passion for decentralized networks, he wants to advance human progress by educating new actors in the ecosystem.

As part of his computer science studies he specializes in cryptocurrency, blockchain and hardware security focusing on wallet technologies with secure storage, backup strategies and exchange integration.

Carlo Chung

Technical Director

Carlo obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Adelaide, Australia. During his tenure, he received the top scholar-award. He is a robust full stack developer and has been entrusted with developing the technological roadmap for many multinational companies. As Chief Architect of many award-winning financial platforms, Carlo has engineered and implemented many enterprise-grade systems for AirAsia, Hainan Airlines Group, Firefly, Shell, ProJET, BP, BPI Philippines, VeriSign Inc, and more.

With his extensive experience in the banking sector, financial payments and blockchain industry, he will lead the technical team to architect, design, and develop all the products and services offered by MAXONROW.

Sik Jean Soon

Head of Engineering

Jean Soon is a visionary Head of Engineering with fifteen years of extensive experience in the technology field. He has time again demonstrated his expertise in building complex consumer-facing digital products as well as putting together, motivating, and leading high performing development teams.

As Head of Engineering at MAXONROW, he is responsible for growing and leading the technical team to achieve Maxonrow's development goals.

Mostafa Sedaghat joo

Blockchain Architect

Mostafa is a passionate IT expert in architecting, designing, and implementing enterprise blockchain solutions. He has strong knowledge of Consensus Engines and Byzantine Fault Tolerance, Smart Contracts, and Enterprise Security.

He is also very familiar with Tendermint, HyperLedger, Ethereum, and Plasma blockchain protocols and technologies. Mostafa has a good understanding of cryptographic and security algorithms, and as Maxonrow's Blockchain Architect, he is tasked with building the architecture and design of Maxonrow's blockchain as well as leading the Blockchain Core development.

Dr. Amin Oroji (Ph D)

Senior Data Scientist

Dr. Amin completed his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling at the University of Malaya (UM). With eight years of experience as a lecturer, he started working in the data science field beginning in 2015. He was involved in a variety of projects as a Mathematical Modeler, Machine Learning Expert, R&D member, and Data Scientist.

Dr. Amin is an expert in Mathematical & Statistical Modelling, Machine Learning Techniques, Predictive Analysis, and Big Data Analytics. He has completed over 20 projects in Data Science. Dr. Amin has hands-on experience in Apache Spark and Hadoop to address big data analytics problems and AWS Cloud Services such as SageMaker, Lambda Service.

As Senior Data Scientist, he focuses on Maxonrow’s Identity Chain.

Valentine Shatravenko

Head of DevOps

Valentine is the Head of Development Operations at Maxonrow. He builds a strategy that focuses on simplifying the overall operating environment to achieve the goal of continuous delivery for the developing team.

At Maxonrow, he increases and improves collaboration across teams by not only combining the concepts of agile development, continuous integration, and continuous delivery, but also implementing the social aspect of IT by emphasizing the importance of collaboration across development, operations, support, and management teams.

Josh Ong

QA Manager

Josh is a skill-rich QA manager with 13 years of experience in both manual and automated testing for commercial applications and solutions. He is involved in the full software development cycle adding a profound understanding of the business and the client's requirements to translate into test strategy and plan for the testing approach.

As a QA manager at Maxonrow, he works with cross-department teams to establish metrics to measure the quality of delivery. He is responsible for planning and controlling the testing process.

Chiew Mey

IT Project Manager

Chiew Mey is a passionate IT project manager with a full stack development background that has successfully rolled out more than fifteen projects in automation within several software industries. She has multi-platform experience and knowledge in SDLC and Agile SCRUM that makes her more flexible in managing different types of projects.

As the IT Project Manager at Maxonrow, she is in charge of planning and executing projects to completion. Chiew ensures that milestones are on track and that everyone involved is working to their full potential. If there are any issues, delays, or problems, she will work with the user or team to review and fix any issues in the best way possible.

Nagaraj Manjunath

Senior Blockchain Developer

Nagaraj came from a very competitive environment where he was able to stand out with his flexibility in handling multiple tasks. He is a very organized professional with strong MVC architecture development knowledge. He follows the standard software development practices strictly while working on blockchain projects.

As a Senior Blockchain Developer in Maxonrow, he is responsible for implementing, supporting, and launching Maxonrow's distributed blockchain-based network.

Goh Chun Kiat

Blockchain Developer

Chun Kiat is a senior software engineer and technical lead, experienced in the payment processor, ERP system, and e-commerce platform. He is very passionate about blockchain technologies and applying blockchain to the payment industry.

As one of Maxonrow's Blockchain Developers, he is tasked in developing the application logic of the Maxonrow blockchain and backend systems that integrate to the blockchain.

Tan Yen Khoon

Blockchain Developer

Yen Khoon is an enthusiastic software engineer with blockchain development experience. He always keeps himself updated with the latest blockchain technologies.

As Blockchain Developer at MAXONROW, he develops the architecture of Maxonrow's blockchain system according to their design of consensus protocol.

Tyler Chong

Lead Mobile Developer

Tyler is an experienced team leader with analyst background. He has comprehensive knowledge of multiple operation platforms, working with renowned software and tools, including Swift, Java, and hybrid React Native.

As a Mobile Team Lead at Maxonrow, he innovates on how to build a CI process and automate chores. Tyler is also responsible for all design decisions, including the ones made by his teammates.

Everet Siew

Senior Mobile Developer

Everet is a forward-thinking developer with strong analytical skills developed over nine years of building, integrating, testing, and supporting Android applications for mobile and tablet devices.

As a Senior Mobile Developer at Maxonrow, he plays a role in designing the fundamentals of native mobile applications and gives guidance to the team on applying industry standards for application development automation technologies and tools.

Celeste Yap

Senior DevOps Engineer

Celeste Yap is a former Software Engineer who has demonstrated her flexibility and broad skill base as she joined DevOps in a later stage of her career.

She has a deep understanding of the technical stack, which includes Microsoft, LAMP, Cloud (like AWS, Azure, GoogleCloud, Openstack), as well as many tech environments. She is also able to implement automation technologies and tools at any level.

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